Halo is one of the resident bands at the Cock and Bull bars in Auckland and Hamilton.
The members of Halo have performed on Television shows such as "Stars In Their Eyes NZ", "NZ Idol", "Sing Like a Superstar”, “Fight For Life 2003-2006" , "McDonalds Circus X" , "McDonalds Cirque Rocks", "The Mike King Show", and "Telethon".

Halo have worked extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Pacific Rim, as a Band and as individuals for clients such as Vodafone, Lonely Dog Ltd, KPMG, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Shangri La Hotels, Sheraton and Sheraton Starwood Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotel Singapore, Amari Watergate Hotel Bangkok, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Singapore, New Zealand Society Bangkok, and Air New Zealand..

The members of Halo each have over 20 years experience within the music and entertainment industries, and are consummate professionals who deliver the music they perform with passion, feel and expertise.

Andrew Hutton- lead vocals and bass
Andrew has many years experience as both a singer and bass player, he has worked with some of New
Zealand’s most loved artists and bands. Andrew fronted top New Zealand cover band Kick for 10 years, before forming Halo four years ago with Sebastian Lloyd.

 An in demand session musician for both his vocal and instrumental ability, Andrew has established himself as one of New Zealand's top Musicians and Singers.

Andrew has performed extensively throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region as Lead Vocalist International engagements include Bangkok Thailand NZ Society Ball 2002,2003,2008, Fiji 2003 Private Corporate Client, Fiji Air New Zealand Function, Vanuatu 1993 Private Client, 2007 Halo headline act for New Years eve Celebrations Shangri La Hotel Bangkok Thailand, 2008 Halo headline act for NZ Society Ball Bangkok Thailand, Halo headline act for Singapore New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Ball 2008, 2008 Halo headline act for New Years eve Celebrations Shangri La Hotel Bangkok Thailand, 2009 Halo headline act for NZ Society Ball Amari Watergate Hotel Bangkok Thailand.

Sebastian Lloyd - lead guitar and vocals
For the past 20 years Sebastian has worked as lead guitarist alongside many of our top performers and more recently with bands from both Canada and Australia. He was a member of Night Attack {1987-1993}, The Heat {1995- 2001} and he was a mainstay of Ted Clarke’s band for a number of years {1995-2003}.

Sebastian has been involved in Television performances as lead guitarist such as- 2006 “Mc Donald's Cirque Rocks”- a televised multi media circus, 2006”Shick Quarto Fight For Life”- televised celebrity charity boxing event, 2005 “Sing Like a Super Star”- a celebrity singing contest which screened for 10 episodes on TV3 during this time he was band leader and co musical director, 2005 “Shick Quarto Fight For Life” performed with former Heavy Weight Champion of the World “Smokin’ Joe Frazier”, 2005 “David Tua- Tua of Duty” come back fight, 2004 “Mc Donald's Circus X”- a televised multi media circus event, 2004 “Meningitis Trust Fight For Life”, 2003 “Yellow Ribbon Fight For Life”- performed with “Beth Hart USA, Jordan Luck, The Cats Away and Ted Clarke”, 2002 “BFM bNet Music Awards” live appearance with “Subware”, 2000 “Millennium Celebrations Hamilton” Headline act “Ted Clarke and the Love Shack” Partially Televised event, 1999 “ Good Morning Show” with Ted Clarke. He has worked In the following Hotels and Clubs Internationally, 2009 Halo headline act for NZ Society Ball Amari Watergate Hotel Bangkok Thailand, 2008 Halo headline act for New Years eve Celebrations Shangri La Hotel Bangkok Thailand, 2008 Halo Headline act for New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Singapore Ball Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore, 2008 Halo Headline act for NZ Society Ball Bangkok Thailand Shangri La Hotel Bangkok Thailand, 2007 Shangri La Hotel Bangkok Halo headline the New Years eve Celebrations, 2004 Shangri La Hotel Surabaya Indonesia lead guitarist with Canadian Band The Highlites, 2004-2003 DDs Night Club Macau China lead guitarist with Canadian Band The Highlites, 2002 Sheraton Starwood Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok Thailand lead guitarist Australian Band Crave, 2000-2001 Hard Rock Café Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia lead guitarist and Band Leader New Zealand Band The Heat, 1995 Shangri La Golden Sands Penang Malaysia lead guitarist New Zealand Artist Ted Clarke.

Sebastian has recorded with the following groups, artists, 2009- "Dick Magik Johnson" all Guitars Album, 2006- “Aja Rock” all guitars single and co writing credit, 2004- till Present all guitars “Les Mills” recreated tracks for instructional DVDs and classes supplying “30,000 gyms world wide”, 2004 “Sun Valley All Stars” 12 inch Vinyl Release “Fall Down” co writing credit production credit and all guitars, 2003 “Sun Valley All Stars” co writing credit and guitars on “You Make Me Wanna”, 2002-2003 “Extreme Tribe” “Discovery Channel North America” Documentary all guitars theme and incidental music and co writing credit, 2000-2001 “Sub Ware” album all guitars and co writing credits, 2001 “Being Eve” TV 3 Series Sound Track all Guitars, 1998 “Kinaki Records” compilation album to celebrate “NZ Maori Rugby League” Teams Challenge at the “Rugby League World Cup” guitars and Album Co Ordination.

He has performed with, been a member of or has toured with the following Artists and Bands- “Dragon” Bondi Road Tour 1988 support band Night Attack, “Ice House” 1991 support band Night Attack, “Counting Crows” 2003 support band Ted Clarke, “Beth Hart” lead guitarist 2003 live television show and live radio performance, “John Michaels' and The Cheap Dates” lead guitarist Strawberry Fields Music Festival Main Stage 1994, Radio Hauraki Band lead guitarist 2007, Sebastian also performed at the Alinghi Americas Cup Victory Party in 2003 in Auckland New Zealand.

Willy Scott - drums and vocals

At 12 years of age Willy was already a regular performer at the Okaihau Country Music Club in New Zealand’s, Northland. By 14 years of age Willy was performing with a working covers band based in Northland called “Trax”. Since then Willy has gone on to firmly establish himself as one of New Zealand’s top session and live performance drummers, he has toured, recorded and performed with a veritable who’s -who of New Zealand music.

Willy has been a member of the following Bands, “Dimmer”- 2003- 2006, “Sola Rosa”- 2004 till present, “Anika Moa” – 2004 “Riqi Harawira’s Future Funk Collective”- 1996- 2000, “Acid Casualty”- 1994- 1996, “Acoustic Fungi” – 1992- 1994. He has toured with the following Bands, “King Kapisi” 2003/2004, “Dimmer” – 2004-2006, “Golden Horse” – European Tour 2006 played major festivals throughout Europe and the UK, “Sola Rosa” – 2004 till present tours throughout NZ and Australia, “Anika Moa” – 2004 NZ Tours.

Willy as appeared on the following recordings, “You Got to Hear the Music” Album- Dimmer 2004- Rock Album of the Year 2004 Vodafone Music Awards, “Stolen Hill” Album- Anika Moa 2005, “Anchor Me- Rainbow Warrior” Single Don McGlashen Anika Moa Che Fu Morelle {Golden Horse} 2006, “Bathe in the River” Soundtrack/Single- Hollie Smith Don McGlashen, “Moves” – Album Sola Rosa 2007, “Get it Together” Album- Sola Rosa 2009, “No 4”- Movie Soundtrack 2006, “Sioane’s Wedding”- Movie Soundtrack 2007, he has also recorded countless drum tracks for Jingles, Sound Tracks, and band Demo's.

Willy prides himself on being a groove player, and sees that as being vital to the drummer’s role within a band.

Anthony Grey - Keyboards and Vocals

Anthony began his musical career at the age of 11 in his father’s band as a drummer, in his late teens Anthony made the transition to Keyboards. He has performed recorded and written music with some of New Zealand’s most successful Artists and Bands. Anthony has appeared on the following television shows as a Keyboard Player and as a Vocalist- 2005- “Sing Like A Super Star” a ten episode celebrity singing contest- he was a member of the house band Halo and also Musical Director and Co Vocal Coach for the celebrities, 2004-2003 “The Mike King Show” he was a member of the house band for this show, 2003 “Yellow Ribbon Fight For Life” a televised celebrity charity boxing event performed with “Beth Hart USA, The Cats Away, Jordan Luck, Ted Clarke”, 2003-2002-2001 “Ardijah” live television performance on the following shows “Mai Time”, “Good Morning”, Music Video Clips for the following singles “Oh Baby”, “Bad Buzz”, 2003 “Deep Obsession” video clips for single “Miracles”, 2002- “Pam Corkery Show” live appearance with “Ted Clarke”, 1997- “Good Morning Show” live appearance Riqi Harawira, 1994-1991“Scarf” videos for singles “License For Love”, “Rosanne”, Televised Live Gig “Marae” with band “Scarf” TV Special.

He has recorded and co written music for the following Artists and Bands, 2007- “Debbie Harwood” single “That Kind Of Love”, 2004- till present “Les Mills” sequencing and all keyboards for recreated tracks for Instructional DVDs and Classes supplying 30,000 gyms worldwide, 2004- “Chris Thompson” from “Manfred Man Earth Band” co wrote and recorded Vocal Line for his album “Rediscovery”, 2004- 2002- “Deep Obsession” Chart topping New Zealand group co wrote and recorded single “Miracles, 2003- 1996 “ Ardijah” Chart Topping New Zealand soul and funk band recorded Album “Journey” “Time”, 1995-1988 “Scarf” Single “License”, single “Rosanne” peaked at number 8 on National Charts. Anthony has performed live, toured and supported the following Artists and Bands- “Debbie Harwood, ex Cats Away Singer”, “Tom Nepia, Herbs band Percussionist and vocalist”, “Ron Le Pread Commodores Bass Player”, “Tranvision Vamp” support for NZ Tour with band Scarf, “Renee Geyer” support for NZ Tour with band Scarf, “Counting Crows” support with “Ted Clarke”, “Ian Moss”,” Sarah Spicer” vocalist from the John Lee Hooker Band.

He has performed in the following countries,- Fiji “Taviuni Island Resort”, Australia “Whitsunday Islands- Hamilton Island Resort and Southmoul Island Resort” and “Melbourne, and Brisbane” 2007 Shangri La Bangkok Thailand Halo was the headline act for New Years eve Celebrations, 2008 Halo headline act for NZ Society Ball Bangkok Thailand, 2008 Grand Hyatt Singapore Halo headline act for N.Z Chamber of Commerce Singapore Ball


Gail Tipene – Backing Vocals

With an incredibly sensual and rich vocal style, Gail mesmerizes audiences. Singing since the age of 6, Gail's musical career has included working alongside many high profile local and international artists. From Reggae superstars UB40, to iconic NZ artists Debbie Harwood, Jordan Luck, John Rowles and The Cats Away to living legend Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann. Her vocal and professional versatility has seen her perform in Bangkok, Fiji, Europe and Papua New Guinea. As a session vocalist in hot demand,
Gail has been part of the house bands in popular TV productions 'Sing Like a Superstar' and the well known televised annual charity event 'Fight for Life and 'McDonald's Circus X.


Phil Crown - Keyboardist

Phil is the keyboardist for Ardijah and Tha Shiznit and has also played for many of NZ's top recording artists including: Nesian Mystik, King Kapisi, Lole, Che Fu and Cydel. Phil has extensive international touring experience, and has played support for George Benson, James Brown, Bobby Brown, and Billy Ocean. Phil is also writes and produces music for television, and is currently expanding into film and television production.
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